Eyebrow tattooing can last up to 2 years. Everyone’s skin is different so some people may get less time from their brow tattoo. Most of my clients opt to come back every 12 months for a touch up to keep their brows looking fresh.
Yes we can. We will use a light soft colour that suits your complexion.
We sure can. We can make it look like you have realistic hair, creating a very natural look.
Yes, its the law.
All up your appointment will take approximately 2 hours. 30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect, 15 minutes for drawing and around 1 hour for the actual tattooing procedure.
Yes. Most people need 2 sessions to get the desired look and correct darkness. There is a small percentage of people who need a 3rd appointment to fill any gaps that haven’t taken to the ink. If full price has been paid for both appointments the 3rd appointment if held within 6 weeks of your second appointment will only cost $50.
No, you tattoo must be kept dry for at least 48 hours. You will also need to keep your face out of direct shower stream for 7 days. No swimming under water for 7 days is also recommeded.
Yes. Tattooing has no effect on the hair growth.