Feathered / Microblading / Hairstroke Brow

To create beautiful natural looking eyebrows a special tool called a microblade is used to create life like hair strokes. Pigment is deposited into the dermal layer of the skin very delicately to allow it to fade out naturally and not change colour like normal tattooing can. If the colour does change it can be easily corrected at your perfecting session which is usually held 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment.

Remember those awful 80’s eyebrow tattoos? The technique back then was much different to now. We enhance your eyebrows in a soft gentle manner to allow your eyebrows to eventually fade out. As we all know, eyebrow fashions change, and you don’t want to be stuck with something you don’t like. Most people opt to come back for a touch up every 12 months to keep their eyebrows looking ‘on point’ as the saying goes. Microblading is not suitable for all skin types, so we recommend booking in for a face to face or phone consultation.

Powder Brow

A powder brow can be tattooed as strong or as soft as you desire. Powder brows are often thought of as “sharpie brows”. However, at Feathered Ink that is not the case. We can give a subtle brow or a brow with more depth. It is totally up to you. It is done with a very small tattoo machine and by colouring in the entire eyebrow, creating a softness around the edge so it appears to be powdered on. If you want a more solid brow, we can do that too. One thing we will not do is go too dark or too thick. If that’s something you are looking for unfortunately we are not the artist for you.  We like to enhance your natural beauty, not ruin it. A powder brow is suitable for all skin types

Combo Brow

A powder brow is suited to those who like the appearance of having eyebrows drawn on. It is done with a very small tattoo machine and by colouring in the entire eyebrow, creating a softness around the edge so it appears to be powdered on. We can also do what is called an ‘ombre’ brow where we use a darker colour on the tail of the brow and it gradualy fades as the eyebrow reaches the start of the brow.

The art of microblading can reshape poorly shaped eyebrows. Some people have droopy eyebrow ends which create a sad eye look. We can correct this by removing the hair on the ends of the eyebrow altogether and tattoo a new tail. The result you will get is amazing. You will be surprised how much more attractive you can look with the perfect shaped eyebrow.

The dreaded 90’s eyebrow.. Oh dear!!.. What were us 90’s women thinking? Well luckily microblading can fill in those awful over plucked brows. No arch? Microblading can create the perfect natural looking arch, a soft arch can take years off the age of your face.

Upon arrival we sit you down and apply numbing cream. While we wait for the numbing to take effect we discuss your shape and colour. We then measure your face and draw on a shape that suits your features. You can then take a look and make as many changes as you like. We do not begin until you are 100% happy with your shape. We then create what we call a template by adding a few hair strokes around the drawing and get you to see for yourself how it is all coming along. This also allows you to get an idea of the thickness and colour, and gives you a chance to make any last changes. If you are happy with how they look we then finish the procedure.

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